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Products include process analyzers, ambient and source emissions analyzers, gas and flame detection, liquid and gas flow meters, TOC, BTU analysis, total hydrocarbon analyzers, oil in water analysis and non contact temperature measurement

Markets Served

Hydrocarbon process, Chemical manufacturing, Oil Refining, Gas Pipelines and Production, Power Generation, Industrial Gas, Engineering Firms across all sectors, Metal Industries, Water and Wastewater


Serving Texas since 1996. RBI Solutions goal is to provide product solutions that improve product quality, support life and plant safety as well as enhance process performance.

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With combined experience in the industry exceeding 150 years, RBI is committed to excellence and innovative technologies, communication, education and support.




Our customers are best served with field hardened and proven technology. RBI balances the best interests of our customers and manufacturers.



Our products provide a window into your process; enhancing life and plant safety, product quality and environmental compliance.  Contact us to learn more about our product solutions.

Manufacturers Products

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Process Analytics
Oxygen in Hydrocarbons, Paramagnetic O2 Analyzers,
O2 Purity, Trace O2, Infrared Analyzers,
Maxum II Process Gas Chromatograph, FID
MicroSam Gas Chromatograph, Tunable Diode Laser,
CEMS, Thermal Conductivity, FID

Flow measurement, testing & verification Calibration gases- standard & custom blends


Measure Hydrocarbons in Water, TOC Analyzers, Total N2, COD, BOD, Respiration, Conductivity, Dissolved O2, Turbidity, Suspended Solids, Silica

Kinetic Separator for liquids and particulates


Lead Acetate H2S Analyzer, Total Sulfur, Chemil. Sulfur, Portable H2S Analyzers, Oil in water

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Portable Hand Held Positive Material Identification (PMI), Elemental Analysis of Metals, Powders, Ores, Coatings or Other Material. Measure Light Elements AL, C, Na, Mg, Si and Others.  No Radio Active Source, No Licensing No Regulations.  Data Log & Bluetooth.

IR & Catalytic Gas Detectors; Fixed Gas Detectorsfor O2 Deficiency and Toxic Gases; Open Path Gas and Flame Detection

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PPB to 100% Total Hydrocarbon Analyzers, Methane/Non-Methane Gas Chromatographs, PID

Portable hand-held combustion and emission analyzers for boilers, burners, engines, turbines, generators, kilns, dryers, heaters, ovens, flare / stack analysis etc.

Industrial Sight Glasses and Sight Flows, Canty Quick Port Closures, Oil in Water, Water in Oil, Particle Sizing, Process lighting systems, High Temperature Cameras, Industrial Surveillance Cameras, CantyVision Client Software

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Field Mounted Non-Contact Infrared and Temperature Sensors, Infrared Thermal Imaging Cameras, Portable Non-Contact Thermometers, Calibration Sources, Dust and Compliance Opacity Monitors

Air Quality Instruments Ambient Air/Source Monitoring, PPM, PPB, NOx, SO2, CO, SO3, Mercury, H2S, Sulphates,THC, Particulates, CEMS, FTIR & NDIR

Process Instruments
Sarasota Density, Level Pro Nuclear Level, Sensall Level, Nitus Beta Gas Flow Sensors/Transmitters, Sola II, Sola II Flare, Mass Spec

Controlotron Division
Custody transfer certified pipeline meter, Clamp on Ultrasonic flow meter for liquid/gas, Portable and permanent, leak detection

Lifetime warranty pressure regulators
Made in the USA
O2 Cleaned Free of Charge
Sub atmospheric to 6000 PSIG

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In-line Ultrasonic Liquid Concentration and Density, Phase Interface Detection, Portable and Laboratory Units