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Process Analytics
Oxygen in Hydrocarbons, Paramagnetic O2 Analyzers,
O2 Purity, Trace O2, Infrared Analyzers,
Maxum II Process Gas Chromatograph, FID
MicroSam Gas Chromatograph, Tunable Diode Laser,
CEMS, Thermal Conductivity, FID


Helical Volumetric Liquid Flow Meters, Custody Transfer Measurement, Storage Management, Pipeline, Marine Terminal and Tanker Loading/Unloading, Low Cost of Ownership, Low Pressure Drop, Customer Serviceable


Measure Hydrocarbons in Water, TOC Analyzers, Total N2, COD, BOD, Respiration, Conductivity, Dissolved O2, Turbidity, Suspended Solids, Silica

Kinetic Separator for liquids and particulates


Lead Acetate H2S Analyzer, Custody Transfer BTU analyzer, Total Sulfur,
Monitek Turbidity, Suspended Solids and Color Monitor, Oil in Water, Tytronics Sentinel Chemicals in Water Analyzer, Nametre Viscometers


Calorimeters/BTU Analyzers, Dewpoint/Trace Moisture Analyzers/Meters, Multi-component Biogas Analyzers

IR & Catalytic Gas Detectors; Fixed Gas Detectorsfor O2 Deficiency and Toxic Gases; Open Path Gas and Flame Detection

MoconBaselineSeries Logo
PPB to 100% Total Hydrocarbon Analyzers, Methane/Non-Methane Gas Chromatographs, PID

Industrial Sight Glasses and Sight Flows, Canty Quick Port Closures, Oil in Water, Water in Oil, Particle Sizing, Process lighting systems, High Temperature Cameras, Industrial Surveillance Cameras, CantyVision Client Software

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Gas Sampling, Filtration, Constant Pressure, Gas Cylinders,
Flow Control, Water Removal, Gas Odorant Removal


Pressure Transmitters – DP, Gauge, Absolute,  Flanged and Remote Seals, Temperature  Transmitters, Multi-parameter Vortex Mass Flow Meters, Smart Electromagnetic Flow Meters, Control Valve and Valve Positioners

Portable Hand Held Positive Material Identification (PMI), Elemental Analysis of Metals, Powders, Ores, Coatings or Other Material. Measure Light Elements AL, C, Na, Mg, Si and Others.  No Radio Active Source, No Licensing No Regulations.  Data Log & Bluetooth.

Air Quality Instruments Ambient Air/Source Monitoring, PPM, PPB, NOx, SO2, CO, SO3, Mercury, H2S, Sulphates,THC, Particulates, CEMS, FTIR & NDIR

Process Instruments
Sarasota Density, Level Pro Nuclear Level, Sensall Level, Nitus Beta Gas Flow Sensors/Transmitters, Sola II, Sola II Flare, Mass Spec

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Liquid Analytics
pH/ORP, Dissolved Oxygen, Conductivity,  dissolved CO2, Turbidity, Ozone, Silica, Sodium, TOC
Gas Analytics
Tunable Diode Laser/TDL: O2, CO/CO2, H20, HCl, H2S, Polarographic Gas Phase Oxygen

Excess Flow Valves, Flow Switches, Flow Meters

Lifetime Warranty Pressure Regulators,  Made in the USA,
O2 Cleaned Free of  Charge, Sub-atmospheric to 6000 PSI,
Switchover Stations, Vaporizing  Regulators


Process Analyzers for Gas, Liquid & Solid phase hydrocarbon and
chemical processes, FTIR, FT-NIR, NIR, Mass Spectrometry, Gas Chromato-graphy, & Raman, multi-component and multi-stream measurements