Manufacturers Products

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Measure Hydrocarbons in Water, TOC Analyzers, Total N2, COD, BOD, Respiration, Conductivity, Dissolved O2, Turbidity, Suspended Solids, Silica

Industrial Sight Glasses and Sight Flows, Canty Quick Port Closures, Oil in Water, Water in Oil, Particle Sizing, Process lighting systems, High Temperature Cameras, Industrial Surveillance Cameras, CantyVision Client Software


Lead Acetate H2S Analyzer, Arsine/Phosphine, Custody Transfer BTU analyzer, Total Sulfur, Monitek Turbidity, Suspended Solids and Color Monitor, Oil in Water, Tytronics Sentinel Chemicals in Water Analyzer, Nametre Viscometers

Precision Temperature/Pressure Instrumentation Thermocouples/ Thermowells/RTD, Multi-Point Thermocouples, Hand-held IR Non-Contact Temperature Transmitters, Circular Chart Recorders, Test/Calibration Equipment

Power Meters, Process Monitoring Equipment, Meter Relays/Controllers, Transformers & LTC Temperature Monitors

Process Analytics
Oxygen in Hydrocarbons, Paramagnetic O2 Analyzers, O2 Purity, Trace O2, Infrared Analyzers, Maxum II Process Gas Chromatograph, FID, Tunable Diode Laser, CEMS, Thermal Conductivity

Cavity Ring Down Spectroscopy, Trace Level Detection, Drift Free, Self-Tuning and Auto-Calibration, Extremely Low Cost of Ownership, Multi Component Capacity

Lifetime Warranty Pressure Regulators, Made in the USA, O2 Cleaned Free of Charge, Sub-atmospheric to 6000 PSI, Switchover Stations, Vaporizing Regulators

Remote I/O, Wireless Remote I/O, M2M/loT – Remote Monitoring, Lightning Surge Arrestors, Signal Conditioners, Network Capable Tower Light, Power Meters, Indicators, Panel Meters, Electronic Valve Actuators

Fugitive Emissions Thermal Oxidizer for destruction of vent line and bypass gas from instrument shelters, meter, analyzers, valves, and tanks with EPA, TCEQ and AQMD compliance for your chemical, petrochemical, refining and pharmaceutical applications.

Fixed Fire and Gas Detection Systems, Point IR, Cat. Bead, Toxic and Oxygen Transmitters, Wireless Transmitters, Single and Dual Headed Transmitters, Single and Multi-Point Controllers, Modbus, HART, Embedded Webpage, IR3 Flame Detection, Visual Flame Detection. Open Path LEL Gas Detection, PID Gas Transmitters, Remote Alarm Stations, Sample Draw Systems

High quality pH, Conductivity, ORP, Dissolved Oxygen, Ion Selective Electrodes and transmitters for industry. Locally manufactured, warehoused and supported.

Excess Flow Valves, Flow Switches, Flow Meters

PPB to 100% Total Hydrocarbon Analyzers, Methane/Non-Methane Gas Chromatographs, PID

Compact FTIR Spectrometers, Open Path Atmospheric Air Monitoring, Identify/Quantify/Visualization of Hazardous Gas Clouds, Portable Hand-Held RAMAN analyzers

Welker is an experienced manufacturer serving the Energy and other industries. With 80+ patents, Welker offers products and solutions for applications in sampling, conditioning, filtering, regulation, injection, containers, and control.

Impurity Separator, Gas or Liquid, Pressure to 2000psig, temperature to 300°F